SciGraphica Tutorial 3 - Multilayer Plots

Randolf Mock

John Bland

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Importing ASCII data
3. Plotting the data
General Considerations
Amplitude and acceleration in one diagram?
Creating Layer No. 2
Applying some Styling
Completing the Graph
List of Figures
2-1. The ASCII import options dialog.
2-2. Worksheet Data1 after import of the spectrum.dat file. Note that the worksheet is renamed to the filename and that the columns have new labels.
3-1. If you plot amplitude and acceleration into one graph, the result is obviously not very enlightening...
3-2. Position and size data for the first graph layer.
3-3. Axes dialog settings (X Axis tab) for the first graph layer.
3-4. Axes dialog settings (Y Axis tab) for the first graph layer.
3-5. Visualization of the graph showing the amplitude data after applying the settings from Figures 3-3 and 3-4. Note that the right and the top axis have been switched off.
3-6. The graph after creating layer No. 2.
3-7. Adjusting position and size of layer 2.
3-8. The two-layer plot after size adjustment of layer 2.
3-9. The graph after setting color and line style.
3-10. Setting text labels and axis colors...
3-11. The final result of this tutorial. The four columns are plotted in two graphs, each of which consists of two layers.