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You can create very complex and eyecatching plots using SciGraphica but don't take our word for it, here's the proof. The following plots were created entirely on SciGraphica. Click on the thumbnail to see the fullsize plot or download the original .sg file and see for yourself how it was made.

Jahn-Teller distortions current-current
Jahn-Teller distortions, magnetic ordering, and charge density in the FM orbital ordered phase of layered Manganites. (196k) Dynamical current-current correlation function calculated on a 2x8 t-J ladder with 2 holes, and J=0.5. (32k)
(.sg source tarball)(15k) (.sg source tarball)(2.5M)

Adrian Feiguin

salinity plot salinity plot with vectors
Salinity at 10m depth for a spring day in 1990. (81k) Zooms in on plot 1 with different colourmap and with vectors overlayed. (156k)
(.sg source tarball)(837k)

Helge Avlesen

Multple Sensor Response Plots
Metal Oxide sensor response plot (143k)
Siemens Corporate Technology Gas Sensor Group [Randolf Mock]
(.sg source tarball)(61k)

Ce/Fe multilayer plot
Ce/Fe multilayer magnetometry plot (42k)
John Bland
(.sg source tarball)(53k)

Got any great plots you want to showcase? Let me know! Send the original .sg file (where possible), the PostScript output of the finished plot and a brief description of the content.