SciGraphica Tutorial 2 - Formatting the Graph

Randolf Mock

John Bland

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Moving and Resizing the Graph
3. The Layer Control Dialog
Page Properties
General Layer Properties
Changing the Axis ("Frame") Layout
Adding Grids
Axes Settings
Axis Titles
Formatting Tick Labels
Dataset Properties
List of Figures
3-1. The "Layer Control" Dialog
3-2. Guiding grid in the background of the graph page.
3-3. Graph position and size
3-4. Changing position and size of "MyFirstPlot"...
3-5. Changing the graph's background color...
3-6. Appearance of "MyFirstPlot" after changing position, size and background color.
3-7. The "Frame" dialog.
3-8. Graph "MyFirstPlot" with a cross of axes...
3-9. The "Grids" dialog
3-10. "MyFirstPlot" after adding grids
3-11. The "Legends" dialog.
3-12. The "Axes" dialog
3-13. Axis settings as described in the text...
3-14. Graph MyFirstPlot after switching off ticks and titles on the top and the right axis. The axes scaling as well as the gridding have been redefined for better clarity.
3-15. Settings of the "Titles" dialog ("Left" tab).
3-16. "MyFirstPlot" after renaming the titles of the bottom x and the left y axis. The color of the y axis title has been set to red in order to match the line and symbol color of the data (which will be set later).
3-17. Formatting the tick labels...
3-18. "MyFirstPlot" after tick label formatting.
3-19. The (dataset) "Properties" dialog showing the initial settings for "MyFirstPlot".
3-20. The "Edit Text" dialog
3-21. The final result!