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1. Introduction to the SciGraphica plug-in system

Like many other modern programs, SciGraphica can be extended by third-party plug-ins. Theseplug-ins can currently be written both in Python and C. The easiest way to wite a plug-in, is to write a Python module, in C or Python. In that case the plug-in is loaded by the Python module loader.

Modules can be imported from the SciGraphica terminal command line, or by including the module name in the list of modules in the Scripting->Configuration->Startup dialog. Make sure the module can be found in the Python module search path, which can be determined by doing the follwing in the SciGraphica terminal:

import sys
print sys

One of these paths is set by SciGraphica, which is /usr/share/scigraphica/python if the package is installed under /usr. The rest of this document will describe how to write plug-ins in Python and C.

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